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What cc was the original model S and what year was it introduced. ??

It's Malc by a Nose (Click Here)

A short story called, There's a hitch to it.

With his thumb, a hitchhiker says, “You furnish the vehicle, pay for the gas,
attend to all the repairs, supply the insurance and I will ride with you. But if you have an accident,
I will sue you for damages”

This sounds pretty one sided to me, but you might wonder how many hitchhikers there are in this or
any other organization, many members seem to say “you attend the meetings, serve on the committee,
do the paper work, make all the arrangements, study the issues, contact the necessary people and take
care of all the little things that need attending to, to make the organization run better and I will go
along and enjoy myself. However, if things do not go my way or I do not enjoy your decisions,
I will complain, criticize and probably leave to hitchhike with another group”

Are you a hitchhiker? Think about it!!!

True ! click and read.